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In mid-2015, God laid upon my heart an idea to expand my readership. Rather than only writing for an American audience, I feel that He wants me to also write for the people in Japan.

People in my Japanese American church have also mentioned that they wish my books were in Japanese so they could give them to their Japanese-speaking friends. They found my books entertaining, funny, and encouraging, and they wanted to share that with their friends outside of church.

So now I am hoping to translate my books into Japanese. I am in the process of finding a professional translator (which I don't think will be a problem since I go to a Japanese American church) and trying to find options for printing the books.

Would you like to be a part of my ministry? Would you like to help me share my amusing, slightly ridiculous, Christian worldview books to the Japanese people? Please donate! All proceeds will go towards my translation and publishing costs.

Please note that your donation is NOT tax-deductible since I'm not a charitable organization. But your donation can help bring Christian fiction to the non-Christians in Japan, which is so much better than a tax break.

Thanks so much!

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Please note that your donation is NOT tax-deductible.