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Protection for Hire series #1
Protection for Hire series #1

Protection for Hire Series

First she served as a mob enforcer. Then she went to prison for a crime she didn't commit, where she found Christ. Now, Tessa Lancaster wants to use her unique skill set to help people. Forming her own protection agency, she is forced to team up with Charles Britton, the lawyer who helped put her away, while fending off the pressure of her mob boss uncle to work for the family again. Factor in some wild family dynamics and you've got an action-packed, romantic series as Tessa and Charles discover the reality of being made new in Christ.

The 3rd Protection for Hire book

God has been leading me toward a different direction, fiction-wise, and I have started the 3rd Protection for Hire book, but it will be a slightly near-future setting rather than a contemporary setting, and it will have some supernatural elements. Charles and Tessa will be tested in their faith and their relationship in this "new world" with new conflicts and troubles.

God literally gave me a vision for this story when I was praying one day, and I feel it's a book He really wants me to write even though it's a slightly different direction from my other two Protection for Hire books. The humor will still be the same, but the setting will be slightly altered from normal. I realize that not all my romantic suspense fans will enjoy this new setting, but I really feel God telling me to write this for a new audience that He wants to speak to.

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