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Save the Date anthology

The prequel novel for the Warubozu Spa Chronicles, The Wedding Kimono, releases September 15th in the anthology, Save the Date, a collection of twelve wedding novellas from twelve different authors!

One epic collection. Twelve weddings to remember. RSVP for your front-row seat to inspirational romances that last a lifetime. 

Romance Authors include:

Hallee Bridgeman
Kari Trumbo
T.K. Chapin
Chautona Havig
Shoshanna Gabriel
Dori Harrell
Liwen Y. Ho
Lisa M. Prysock
Camy Tang
Jan Thompson
Marion Ueckermann
Jaycee Weaver

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The Wedding Kimono

Prequel novella in the Warubozu Spa Chronicles

Raised by a single father with two older brothers, tomboy Lila has often been mistaken for a young man because of her androgynous looks. However, she's very popular with the women at the massage therapy spa where she works, who love her older-sister vibe. She feels this is where God wants her to be, helping women feel beautiful and good about themselves. Secretly she's attracted to her boss at work, spa manager Fred, but she holds no hope since there's nothing feminine about her, and she's four inches taller than he is.

Then, when cleaning out the attic for her father, she finds her maternal grandmother's gorgeous antique wedding kimono. Being half-Japanese and half-Chinese, she recognizes some Chinese character calligraphy hidden amongst the hand-sewn embroidery that she can't quite read.

A chance mention of the kimono and calligraphy results in Fred offering his help, since he knows a Japanese history professor at the University of Hawaii. But then Lila notices some strangers following her, and their interest in her appears to be connected to the kimono.

Lila and Fred must work together to uncover the mystery of the wedding kimono. Can her grandmother's legacy help her see her inner beauty and open herself up to love?

NOTE: The Wedding Kimono releases in the Save the Date anthology in September 2021, and will release as a separate ebook in 2022.

Excerpt from Chapter One

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