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Warubozu Spa Chronicles

Humorous Christian romantic suspense

Welcome to the Warubozu Day Spa, set in Waialua, Hawaii on the North Shore! Owner Edytha and her crew of massage therapists each have their own quirks, but they work diligently to ease away aches and pains, and maybe even soothe broken hearts.

But Edytha, haunted by the disappearance of her sister three years ago, has stumbled upon clues that connect her sister to a large resort on the North Shore. Can Edytha, her family, and her spa staff finally find answers?

Slightly wacky reading order

I created a general outline for how the Warubozu Spa Chronicles is going to go, but then I got opportunities to write novels for multi-author box sets. I didn’t want to have the first book in my Warubozu series debut in a box set (which also had word count constraints) so I wrote different books for the box sets.

However, the novels I wrote ended up having connections to the Warubozu Spa Chronicles, even though some of those books are in a separate series.

So here’s the recommended reading order, plus information on the ways my other series interconnects with the Warubozu Spa Chronicles.

Year of the Dog

Takes place spring to summer

The Wedding Kimono

Takes place July (when it originally released as a novella in the box set Save the Date, it had been set in August, but I decided to push it back a month for the purposes of my Warubozu series)

Sushi and Suspicions

Takes place in August. The heroine Liv appeared as a minor character in my Christian romantic suspense novella, Unshakeable Pursuit, which was book #4.2 in my Sonoma series. The tone of Sushi and Suspicions is more humorous than the Sonoma series, so even though a character is from that series, I included the book in my humorous romantic suspense Warubozu series. In Sushi and Suspicions, the minor character Fane is a main character in my Warubozu series.

The Lone Rice Ball

Takes place November to December. This is the 5th book in my Christian contemporary romance Sushi series, not officially part of the Warubozu series. The heroine Mimi is a minor character from my Sushi series. But main characters from the Warubozu series show up as minor characters here.

Warubozu Spa Chronicles book #1

Takes place the following year in spring. Tentatively scheduled to release in spring 2024.

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I’m posting a Humorous Christian Romantic Suspense serial novel as a free read on my blog! Year of the Dog is a (second) prequel to my Warubozu Spa Chronicles series.

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