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Downloading your worksheet(s) from my website

I’m doing something a little wild and crazy. :) I’m setting up a special section of my website for the people who purchased my worksheets from me personally to be able to download them.  This section will also enable the people who bought my worksheets as ebooks (on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Kobo) to be able to download .pdf copies.

You will be able to download any format of the worksheet, and you’ll be able to go back to the page, login, and download the worksheet anytime. Also, if there are future updates to the worksheet, I'll be able to update it more easily on the website rather than emailing the updated version to everyone.

In order to download your worksheet(s), you’ll need to join my website as a “member” so you can have access to the download page. (Your information will not be public and I will not sell it to any third party.)

Click on the Join the DitDat team on the top right corner. Fill in your name and email address.  If you have contacted me with one email address but you use a different email address to join my website, please let me know.

You’ll receive an email from support@ditdat.com titled, "Your new DitDat For Novelists account” with your email and password.

You can follow the link in the email to change your password. The instructions will be in the yellow box. You don’t need to do anything to your profile page in order to download your worksheet (but If you’d like, you can follow the tutorials to customize your profile page).

Let me know if you have any problems joining as a member of my website.

After you've joined as a member of my website, I'll be able to give you permission to view the download page for the worksheet(s) you purchased. Only then will you be able to go to the download pages listed on the left, login on the page, and download your worksheet. 

It might take me a day or so to be able to add you, so please be patient. Feel free to email me at camy@camytang.com.

If you bought my worksheets before I began releasing them as ebooks:
As the worksheets become available, I’ll send you an email with the website address where you can download your worksheet. I’ll be sending out the download pages for each worksheet one at a time in the next few months, so if you purchased more than one, you’ll eventually get all the links.

Story Sensei worksheet downloads

The download page links are below. You need to login and you will only be able to see the page if I have had time to manually give you permission to view the page. Feel free to email me at camy@camytang.com.

.pdf copies

If you bought my worksheet and would like a PDF, Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Kobo copy, forward your email receipt for the ebook to camy@camytang.com . Then go to this page  and follow the instructions for joining my website so I can give you permission to view the download page(s) for your worksheet(s). If you use a different email address to join my website, please let me know.

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