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Sonoma series #1
Sonoma series #1

Sonoma Series

This is my romantic suspense series set in Sonoma, California.

Joy Luck Life:

Books 1, 2, and 3 (Deadly Intent, Formula for Danger, and Stalker in the Shadows) are about the three Grant sisters, whose father owns the Joy Luck Life Spa in Sonoma.

Book 4, Narrow Escape, stars Nathan Fischer, whom readers met in Stalker in the Shadows (book 3).

Book 4.1, Necessary Proof, is a novella that stars Jane and Alex, whom readers met in Formula for Danger (book 2). Right now it's free in all formats!

Book 4.2, Unshakeable Pursuit, introduces the Whelan siblings, second cousins to the Grant sisters. Olivia Whelan has her own story in Sushi and Suspicions, a prequel in my Christian humorous romantic suspense series the Warubozu Spa Chronicles set in Hawaii.

O'Neill Agency:

Book 5, Treacherous Intent, stars Liam, whom readers met in Narrow Escape (book 4).

Gone Missing (book 6) is the second book in my mini-series about the O'Neill Agency.

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